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Professional office cleaning is an extremely important duty in the fast paced work place. With the correct cleaning, your office building should be a clean, healthy, and well-organized space.

Your office cleaning technicians should have a routine as outlined by you, their client, based on what your business/company prioritizes in terms of cleanliness.

Here is a basic checklist of what your janitorial service should be taking care of:

  • Daily cleaning procedures should include cleaning the reception area and individual work stations:

  • Empty wastebaskets, wash if necessary.

  • Vacuum all carpeted flooring

  • Sweep and mop all hardwood flooring with disinfectant

  • Dust all surfaces to reduce chances of germs and bacteria related sickness

  • Disinfect surface areas

  • Wipe away fingerprints and smudges on door handles and light switches

  • Polish any necessary components like brass or bright work on doors and cabinets

  • Spot clean where necessary

  • Stock toilet tissues, hand towels, soap, and hand sanitizer

  • Clean and polish mirrors

  • Mop and disinfect bathroom and kitchen flooring

  • Toilets and urinals cleaned and disinfected inside and out

  • Weekly cleaning tasks include:

  • Buff out all hard floors

  • Clean all windows

  • Monthly cleaning

  • Vacuum vents and chairs

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